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Honest, Integrity, Faithfulness. I will remain loyal to those that I am given to serve.

Rob Florida, has over 10 years of experience specializing in the Fayetteville residential real estate market. Prior to that, I helped folks sell their privately-held businesses with Sunbelt Business Brokers, trained and deployed a circulation sales team with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette selling hard-core door-to-door, spent several years as a land surveyor, and more years than I care to count in EVERY trade involved with construction (with the exception of plumbing), & interspersed all of those years with various positions in the 'hospitality' industries. Add to that, my years of fixing radios in the U.S. Army learning to assess, adapt and overcome, & my years of devotion and education in the music industry as a fiddler and guitar picker learning to improvise and harmonize with those with whom I am performing, and you have a snapshot of how I am continuing to attain my Doctorate from the School of Hard Knocks regarding people, realty, & respect for boundaries while serving your personal legacy.

I intend to stay on the front lines of this quickly changing economy and industry, & I work closely with my clients because I am fully committed to meeting and exceeding expectations. I also believe in keeping my services affordable to my clients, and I make sure to work around your budget.

My MISSION is to engage and promote relationships to generate a real estate plan that ensures maximizing profits, minimizing costs, eliminating headaches, & providing amazing services that leave the Customer assured of a good Return on Investment.

   Real Estate Broker in Fayetteville

Maximizing Profits, minimizing Costs,

           Eliminating HEADACHES.

   Daddy, Scout, Futurist,      Entrepreneur, Innovator,     Strategist,  Master Broker,   Life Hacker, Market Maker,       Adventurer, Overcomer,           War Lover, Peace Maker.

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Rob Florida