Rob Florida

Futurist, Entrepreneur, Innovator,

Local Market Connector, Developer,                        Real Asset

   Real Estate Broker in Fayetteville

Maximizing Profits, minimizing Costs,

           Eliminating HEADACHES.

IT's SIMPLE. I can do the math: 

Let's be honest & realistic here. I know how much time & money that I spend to MARKET your property, Mr & Mrs SELLER. And, I know about how much time & resources that I expend in showing you possible homes, Mr & Mrs BUYER. Now, the tricky part: Just how much is the professional expertise and knowledge worth that is provided from my 20+ years of Service in this beautiful community that we call FAYETTEVILLE? Oh, and the 100's of properties that I have relationships with, and access to. that are not advertised on the Open Market. (Does the PERFECT HOME regularly evade you?)

 I am realistic. That is up to you...            (or, you can accept the 'norm')

My MISSION is to engage and promote relationships to generate a real estate plan that ensures maximizing profits, minimizing costs, eliminating headaches, & providing amazing services that leave the Customer assured of a good Return on Investment.

Honest, Integrity, Faithfulness. I will remain loyal to those that I am given to serve.

Current projects:


An alternative marketplace for real assets & local demand.



​Disruptive Brokerage               Model